Surecall Flare 3.0

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Flare 3.0 is trusted by thousands of customers across Canada for its huge boosting power in a compact, attractive packaging. It comes kitted with a high-power outdoor Yagi directional antenna and a booster with an omni-directional antenna all in one attractive housing that creates a 'null zone' allowing it to provide more coverage than other traditional booster designs. Together with the increased uplink power and upgraded antenna pack the Flare 3.0 provides 8X more connecting power for homes and offices in the most challenging signal locations.

> Works with all Canadian carriers

> Reduces missed and dropped calls and increases 4G LTE data speeds

> 2XP technology delivers 2x uplink power for best performance in remote areas

> Most powerful outdoor antenna keeps you connected in the weakest signal environments

> Supports multiple simultaneous users

> Compatible with all cellular devices, including hotspots, while extending their battery life

> 5G Phone Compatible - Boosts voice and 4G LTE data signals on 5G phones and devicesk